Anatomy of a NEAT Pantry

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Pantries are our bread and butter....pun intended. We organize them more than any other space in the home. Over the years, we've developed a go-to approach to improving form and function in every pantry. Products are a big part of that, but it wouldn't be a NEAT space if we didn't consider the visual. Using an assortment of different organizers can help create that perfect balance and we're sharing just how to achieve it. 


The easiest way to organize any space, is to place each category within a basket. Baskets should make up the basis of your pantry layout but don't overdo it. Too many can feel heavy and overwhelming. In a larger walk-in pantry, consider mixing basket materials like our grid and rattan. Pro tip: Unbox individually wrapped items to save space inside. 



Yes, canisters look pretty but they serve a functional purpose too. Food-safe, air-tight canisters will keep food fresher longer and translucent glass or plastic will allow you to keep track of quantity in a quick glance. We love decanting pantry staples like flour and sugar or pastas to break up a row of baskets and get rid of those finicky packages. Store them at eye level with your "heavier" baskets below. 



These bad boys are perfect for awkward corners to store categorized jars like spreads, sauces, oils and vinegars. They look nice next to risers and canisters for a "lighter" visual, at eye level. We also love the way they keep items from being lost in the back and easy to access. 



An alternative to a turntable, we love risers for storing canned goods and spices, but they can work for condiments too. Gone are the days of finding expired beans in the back of your shelf when everything can be easily seen. Line them up in color order, if you're feeling a little extra. 



The last and most important part of any NEAT space is labels. Without them, your system will likely fall apart quickly. Make sure everyone in your home knows what belongs where with easy-to-read labels. Don't get too specific with your category names. General terms like "dinner prep" and "salty snacks" will make it easy to store just about anything, as your needs and grocery list changes. 

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The NEAT Team


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