Anatomy of His Closet

Thursday, October 14, 2021

While the majority of our go-to closet tips can apply to any closet, we thought it was time we dissected His. From display areas to suit hangers, we set up the NEAT man with the perfect place to hang his hat. Discover our guide below on the anatomy of His closet. 

Matching Hangers

Even Tan France would agree that implementing matching hangers is a must in order to get that streamlined look. The typical man's closet should have both a slim hanger to optimize space, and a stronger hanger for suits and jackets. Make sure both hanger styles are the same shade and material, if possible. 


Color Coded

Not only is putting together an outfit easier, but a color coded wardrobe is also more appealing to the eye. Color code within each category, starting with white and ending with black. You'll thank us later. 


Shoe Shelves

It's important to be able to see all your shoes, and shelves are the best way to accomplish that. Line them up by style first, then color. If space is tight, don't be afraid to store out of season styles in a bin up high. If your closet doesn't have lower shelves, look for modular stacking options you can add.



Accessories Display

We only use what we can see and the rest tends to be forgotten. So, don't hide hats and ties. Display them on shelves, whenever possible. Pedestals for hats and linen organizers for belts and ties are a few of our favorite ways to showcase men's accessories. 


Drop Zone

At the very least, every closet should have a tray to catch the contents of your pockets at the end of the day. A drop zone can also act as landing place for a go-to watch, sunglasses, or other accessories so they don't add clutter to the space.



Everyday Hangers

Acacia Hangers

Lined Acacia Tray

Display Pedestal

Need more help organizing for him? Dive into the Anatomy of a NEAT Garage for tips on streamlining tools, sports gear and holiday decor. 


the NEAT team 


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