Ashley's Office and Den Redesign

Thursday, June 9, 2022

We love a transformation around here, but not every space requires a complete overhaul. NEAT co-founder, Ashley Murphy, recently connected with the experts at House Sprucing to redesign her office and den, and the results are stunning. Curious what curated decor and an eye for design can do for a space? Ashley is sharing all the details...

NM: How did you get connected with House Sprucing? 

AM: I have a slight obsession for interiors and am always looking for inspiration to fulfill that! I found House Sprucing on Instagram and was immediately drawn to their aesthetic.


NM: Why did you choose to redesign the two spaces you did?

AM: Essentially, every room of our home has needed a complete makeover. We bought it with this intention and have loved every step of the process of transforming it to our dream home. These two spaces were next up on our list and we were ready for the change. The room that we now call our den was once our kids' playroom and they had outgrown it. My office was more because I was ready to complete it since it's where I spend most of my time now.


NM: What were your goals for the new spaces?

AM: I really wanted these two rooms to feel like the rest of our house from a design perspective, but most importantly, I wanted to make sure we could use them. We live in a really old home (1873) and these two rooms used to be old sleeping porches (translate that to cold in the winter and hot in the summer). We needed to find ways to insulate better so they weren't just considered 3 season rooms (a saying we have in the midwest), which meant completely tearing out the floor of the den so that we could properly insulate under it.


NM: How did you go about working with House Sprucing to ensure that organizational elements were incorporated into the designs?

AM: The most incredible part of working with House Sprucing is that we did it all virtually. We started the designs right in the height of Covid and I was really excited they were able to see the vision and provide ideas all over the computer. We talked a ton about what all we needed to store in each of those rooms and with that information, they provided me with furniture ideas to accommodate.   


NM: What are your favorite functional elements of the new spaces?

AM: For the den, my family and I love how cozy it feels! We spend every morning and many nights in there the space and layout are perfect for us. The bonus of the space is that it happens to be right off of our outdoor patio. Which allows for it to function as part of our indoor/outdoor entertaining area. As for my office, my favorite is the large wall hutch. I love that it has open shelving that we were able to add pretty elements too, but also the closed cabinets so I can store some office necessities.


NM: Are you using the new spaces how you thought you would?

AM: I would say we are actually using them more than we thought we would. Especially the den!


NM: Is there anything you wish you would have done or did not do in the spaces?

AM: Not at all. The House Sprucing team nailed it with the design and we had the best time working together.


NM: Any other advice for someone redesigning their home?

AM: My best advice is to take your time, especially when it's a renovation/redesign approach. I have loved living in our house and figuring out how it functions (or doesn't). This has allowed us to make the best decisions when spending the money to create our dream spaces. We have two bathrooms that are up next and now that we've spent the time, I'm confident we will get to the best final outcome possible.    


The Den

Den Details:

Acacia TurntableCabinet | Leather Chair | Sofa | Coffee Table | End Table | Rug


The Office

Office Details:

Rattan Basket | Perforated Acacia BasketRug | Leather Chair | Desk Chair | Hutch 


Love what House Sprucing did with Ashley's spaces? Learn more about their amazing team and services here, or discover more of Ashley's home here



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