Ashley's Kitchen Makeover

Who doesn't LOVE a good kitchen makeover??? Well, you're in luck! One of our very own just survived a grueling 7 weeks of getting her kitchen in tip top shape and she's here today to share how the process evolved. Ash, please tell us the in's and out's of your Kitchen Rehab!

AM :: Well, right when we found our place we knew that we were going to need to give it a bit of a Space Lift. It was literally built in the 80's and quite frankly seemed a bit stuck in the 80's. With features like yellow toilets and tubs, to brown shag carpets, and one inch gummy base boards, the only way for us to really love it was to do a complete overhaul. It's really been super fun learning how such a process works! Don't get me wrong, there were definitely a few tears and frustrations, but all in all we have made it through and are very proud of all of the hard work!

The biggest project of all was by far our Kitchen. It's amazing what you originally think will just take a few tweaks, ultimately requires much much more. The picture below shows what my initial plan was for our kitchen. Since this isn't our forever home, we wanted to do our best to make it updated, but not spend a fortune doing so. 

AM :: I originally thought that it would be easy to just replace all of the things listed above, get new cabinetry and appliances… and it would look as good as new. Well, turns out…after discussing this with a handful of designer friends and our contractor, we would get more for our money to just gut the whole thing. I was shocked how much more I could actually do once we made the decision to just do it all. Unfortunately, what we thought would take 3 weeks, did indeed take 7, but all very well worth the wait! 

Here are a handful of the BEFORE pics. Please make note of the Terracotta floors, ugly light fixture, soffits throughout, old (broken) fridge, and (what you can't tell) peeling, basically plastic, cabinets.






Stay tuned next week for the AFTER pics and the story behind the process…including how you can build your very own dream kitchen just like Ash did! It's to DIE for!


the NEAT girls


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