Bah! Hum BUG!!!

With a little less than two weeks until Christmas, we agreed to take Monday as a personal day to finish our gift giving purchases. Sure enough, we wake up Monday morning, with our lists ready to go and after a quick phone call to each other we realize we were both in the same boat. With the FLU!!!! Yep….not just one of us, but BOTH. The irony. (side note: we weren’t even around each other this past weekend).

Once we wrapped our heads around the fact that neither one of us were going to get our lists checked off, we settled on trying to rid ourselves of this bug.  Nothing a good nap and some medicine couldn’t handle, right???

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Low and behold, when one of us (we won’t name names) went to their medicine cabinet she discovered that the medicine she knew would work wonders, happened to be expired. And by expired….we’re talking 2006 expiration.

Unfortunately, since the other one of us wasn’t moving off the couch and everyone else (husbands and willing friends) were at work…there was nothing she could do. UGH!!! I mean…how could this happen? This is what we preach to clients all the time. “You really should get rid of expired medicines. It will open up space and besides what good will it do in times of need to take something that basically disintegrates before you can even take it”. Turns out, one of us doesn’t seem to practice what she preaches. 

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* Photo by NEAT Method

Trust us…this is not a FUN situation to be in! Make yourself look through your medicines once a year and replenish the essentials. You’ll be thanking yourself later!

Here’s to a happy & healthy Holiday Season!


Ashley & Molly

NEAT Method, Molly Graves, Ashley Murphy, Chicago, San Francisco

* Photo by Michelle Drewes

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