Behind the Scenes:: One NEAT Girl Shows us How to Make an Adorable Children’s Room… for Two!

Friday, February 5, 2016

City living can be tough. The best way to learn how to do it right is from a NEAT girl. Lisa, our Bay Area NEAT girl certainly has her fair share of hurdles when in comes to city living. San Francisco has some small spaces with extra small closets but she has proven that she can work miracles when she set up a room for her two daughters who are one and four years old. Today we are sharing the proof that this adorable space is shared daily by two DARLING little girls (lucky!) 

Here is an overall view of this adorable, modern space. Our eyes were immediately drawn to that pink closet in the corner so we had to ask and Lisa gave us the scoop! "Painting the inside of the closet was the very first thing I did to the apartment when we bought it. At that time, it was just Lulu in the room. It's such an odd little closet. I thoguht it would be fun for her to open the door and see a bright flash of pink." 

The other thing we couldn't help but notice is her daughter's lofted bed with the small play area underneath – we needed a closer look… 

Sure enough, Lisa had maximized the floor space by adding some great baskets to keep her girl's toys in one space. You can get similar baskets to the ones you see in this photo here, here and here

The best part of all, Lisa added this great fabric under the lofted bed to "hide" the toys if necessary. Of course, this doubles as the most fun kid's fort ever!

We also couldn't help but be curious about that dresser and how Lisa managed to have two girls share it so we asked her to send us a picture of the details. In this picture, you can see she used these great baskets from Babies R' Us (which they don't carry anymore – BOO!) If you are considering having a shared room for your children, Lisa highly recommends having baskets even in the shelves to that is clear whose belongings are whose. 

Inside the drawers, Lisa used adjustable drawer dividers so that the girl's clothes chould be perfectly compartmentalized. Since Bee (the baby) needs her clothes changed more often, her clothes can be found here. Whereas, Lulu (big sis) has most of her clothes hanging in the closet.

Speaking of the closet…. Lisa maximized this space by hanging necessary pint-sized clothing up top, but then purchasing this cubed storage for below. She anchored it to the wall in preparation for little climbers and added the cute baskets from Land of Nod.

Since we had an expert like Lisa available to us, we asked, "What was your favorite part about this project?"

"I had full reign.  Rather I should say I "took" full reign and didn't ask for any input.  I try to be as democratic as possible in the other areas of our home, but I went rogue with this room.  It was really fun to have that kind of control.
I also loved the subtle impact the paint made.  We painted the walls a really pale grey and it made a huge difference.  I read on Emily Henderson's blog that small rooms benefit from color.   I was sold when I read that."
We also asked Lisa what the hardest part was… you'll be surprised to see her answer!
"Stopping myself.  Let's get real.  It's a small room that requires a lot of functionality.  I had more ideas, but the room would have been insane.  I became obsessed with a few IG accounts of Swedish moms/interior designers/graphic designers.  The black and white cartoon rabbit is a print by Mini Willa.  The ABC print above Lulu's loft is by Tellkiddo.  I have carts full all over the internet that will never be purchased…sigh.
I did manage to get away with two rugs though!  I've always loved the look of layered rugs.  My husband told me I had to stop after that… I guess I didn't have TOTAL control afterall…" 
We love your space Lisa, and we are sure the girls will have many memories in that perfectly NEAT room!
the NEAT girls