The Best 15 Minutes of Your Life…

Getting organized is at the top of everyone's New Years resolution list, right? Figuring out what this means for your entire home can be very overwhelming. We want 2013 to be the year that you conquer your resolution!

Better yet…we think you can do it in 15 minutes or less!

Here are a few of our many tips on how to organize a space in your home within just a few minutes…

NEAT Method

Kitchen :: Check expiration dates and purge any old spices, canned goods or dried food. Then purchase tiered organizers to elevate your spices and canned goods, so you always know what you have. Don't forget to alphabetize when you put your items back. This will save a ton of time when you are prepping a meal or grocery list.

Organized Pantry

Pantry :: Purchase a handful of pantry baskets and label each one to reflect what is inside. For example: snacks, grains, baking, etc. This should also help limit the amount of junk food you buy… nothing like killing two resolutions in one, huh??

Organized Pantry

Entryway :: Keys tend to get lost in the bottom of our bags or pockets of our coats. Try placing a bowl or tray on an entryway table for your keys to ALWAYS be placed in.

Silver and white bowl

Mudroom :: Invest in a hanging filing system. Take a few minutes to carefully label these and create a reward system for those who come in and immediately sort the mail or school paperwork. This can be for your spouse or your kids… hehe!

organized entryway

Now who can't accomplish any of those simple organizing tasks?! If you can't, we happen to have a solution for that too! Hire NEAT Method 🙂 #ShamelessPlug

the NEAT girls

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