Better than a Box of Candy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So…tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (as if you didn’t know already) and not only have you not purchased a gift for your loved one, but your schedule is packed and you are not going to have time to stroll around the mall in hopes that you get inspired. NEAT is here to literally save your relationship. Seriously. If you could not have guessed, we are not huge fans of buying MORE stuff and bringing it into your home. So, this Valentine’s day, check out our alternative gift list that will have your loved one thinking that you are the best thing since online shopping.

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Gift Option #1

Donate a box of your miscellaneous items that your loved one has been nagging you about for the past month. Nothing says, “I love you” quite like space for your loved one to walk in your home! If you do not live with your Valentine, you have just made room for them in your life by getting rid of unnecessary things and allowing them to have some space of their own. If you are already living together, it is everyone’s dream come true to see that you have finally gotten rid of items that you have not used in years.

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Gift Option #2

If your Valentine is the type that likes to keep every movie stub, restaurant menu, photo, and airline ticket to symbolically remember your relationship then consider purchasing a keepsake box to keep all of these special items. This will score you points because the gift itself is sentimental and you will be thanked everytime something is added to it! Lately we have been really into anything by the brand, Semikolon (I mean seriously, now we are giving you ideas AND shopping for you!)


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Gift Option #3

Hire a Task Rabbit to complete all those things your loved one has wanted done around the house. Completing the never ending “To-Do” list around the house is sure to win them over this Valentine’s day! As organizers, we often see stacks and stacks of cds that our clients want burned and saved onto an external hard drive. By using Task Rabbit, you can find someone in your area who is willing to not only burn your cds, but complete every other task you have been putting off for the past six months.

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This Valentine’s Day consider giving the gift of organization – trust us, it will bring way more love into your home than a box of candies 🙂


Molly & Ashley

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