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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We will admit it…we are total creatures of habit! When we find something we like, we stick with it because it works. The Container Store is the best example of this when it comes to getting NEAT. If we aren’t there for a client, we are shopping the isles for new ideas in our own homes. Not that we don’t love knowing every employee at the store, but sometimes you just need something new. This week, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite online sites that sell amazing organization items. Besides the fact that you can take the first steps to getting organzized in the comfort of your own home or office, you are guarenteed to be inspired by these online shops.

The first one on the list is a place called, I know, I know, so obvious right? Seriously though, if you are on the hunt for something you cannot find anywhere, this place has it! One of our particular favorites is the three section laundry sorter. This seemingly simple item cuts a few steps out of doing laundry, and who doesn’t like that?! Each canvas lining is removable so when your light section is full, you can take out that section and start a load of laundry. The third section can be use for dry cleaning which helps to keep all items seperated and ready for cleaning. Amazing; we know!

Laundry basket, natural woven basket, laundry, organizer

Spice up your home office or workspace with the thoughtful, well designed pieces from We were drawn to these pencil holders that come in four fabulous patterns that are sure to add a much needed pop to your desk. Pens and pencils have a way of ending up all over your home. By having a space to keep them, it is a simple way to always know where they are and when it is time to clean out the collection. There is really no reason to have more pens or pencils that what will fit in cup. Start eliminating pens you stole from the doctors office now so that you can snag one of these beauties!

Pencil Holder, see jane work, organizer

For all the fellas out there who may (or may not) be reading this, this one is for you. OR if you have a man that has a serious cord problem, consider purchasing one of these from our next favorite online shop, (otherwise known as GUS). As we have explained before, cords can be a total nightmare. Even if you end up having to purchase more than one, these useful packs can store cords by category or even how frequently you use them. Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten your power cord for your computer or your iphone charger? Who hasn’t?! Eliminate that problem by packing one of these in your bag for your next trip!

cord organizer, great useful stuff, organized

The last site we wanted to share with you is seriously too cute for words! Although is more of a place to find great inspiration for gift giving, we at NEAT couldn’t help but think of the endless possibilities with these simple, yet perfect tags! When a colorful font is added to these tags, they can be perfect for labeling around the house or keep it simple with a black font for your favorite handman’s workspace. We can already picture ourselves labeling 1, 2, and three inch nail cubbies with these – so OCD right??

tags, small round tags, Whisker Graphics

If you are looking for more amazing websites to find all of your organzing needs OR you know of some sites that we need to check out, feel free to leave us a comment or email us at info@localhost. Happy online shopping!


Molly & Ashley

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