Space Lift: Blogger Closet

Thursday, November 29, 2018

We love showing finalized NEAT spaces on our Instagram feed, but what we love even more is telling the stories of how our clients are living more effiiciently in their newly organized spaces.

Take a look at this closet and see what makes it so NEAT!

City :: New York City

Organizer :: Louisa Roberts

Blogger :: Caila Quinn

Room :: Closet

Hours to complete :: 16 Hours

Objective :: After her move, the team unpacked and organized Caila’s closet. The layout was challenging, so it was important to plan what should go where.

Client’s favorite feature :: She loved that the small space still felt like a boutique. Caila loves all things beauty and fashion, and while this isn’t a “dream closet,” it was still transformed to feature everything she owns.

Stand out product :: Honestly, we couldn’t have stayed within a reasonable budget and fit all of her beauty products without the various sizes of lided stackable boxes that we used. Products are visible, labeled, and have a cohesive look.

What’s your favorite part of this closet?


The NEAT Girls