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Friday, September 2, 2016

You know how they say to raise a child, "it takes a village"? Well at NEAT we say, to perfect a space, it takes amazing contractors. We are constantly posting images of spaces that make us want to cry color coded tears of joy. Today we wanted to share just a few people who are behind our perfectly appointed spaces. In South Florida, Kris and Jody make Marissa's world go 'round. She says she doesn't know what she would do without these two to make organizing each space just a bit more fun! 

In San Diego, it's more than just the organizing that happens, it's fun times in the In-N-Out drivethru! Katie says, " Allison (who is in the front seat with me) is a great addition to my team because of her amazing personality. She is the kind of person you want around you. It doesn't hurt that she thinks I am pretty funny and is always willing to laugh at my jokes and encourage my dancing/driving skills!"

Over in Naples, Joyce had some amazing things to say about her girls:: "This is Kelly and Brooke…. These girls have been so helpful with launching my business!  They are giving me the all the details on Naples….and spending lots of time promoting NEAT everywhere they go.  Brooke is a new mommy and a very talented artist, she even had her own furniture painting business – the best label writer out there!  Kelly is my right hand WO-man, her drive and passion motivates me everyday!  And she is the best TCS road trip companion!"

In Milwaukee, Liz says, "This is me and amazing Milwaukee contractor Elizabeth Bisswurm. Elizabeth always brings her type-A pragmatic sense to every job but sprinkles it with her dry sense of humor and extensive knowledge of natural eating for entertainment while we sort and color code."

In Scottsdale, Mika couldn't do it without her amazing team and when asked, she said, "Why are they great? They are all positive, super talented, hard workers, and our clients love them and so do I! We also have a mom and daughter duo (can you spot them?)" **Their names are (from top left across and going down) :: Kassie, Holly, Lisa, Me, Becky, Carle, Emmaley, Molly, and Connie!

Finally, these two women work side by side with Lisa to tackle NEAT's largest city – Meet Haley and Kathrin. Haley has been with NEAT since 2014 and Kathrin more recently joined but Lisa said, "SF's leads, Haley and Kathrin are the backbone of our team. Their dedication to the job and eye for stellar product have converted many people into lifelong NEAT clients this summer. We've had a hectic schedule the past few months and they've rolled with it like champs!" 

We are so lucky to be working with you all to help our client's live the NEAT life! 


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