Catching up with the Birthday Girl!

Happiest of Birthday's to our NEAT Twin Cities Birthday Beauty, Lauren Warner! In honor of the big celebration, we thought we'd pay the Twin Cities a visit to see just what our gal Lo has been up to!

First, let's start with a selfie….and a trunk full or organizational products!

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Lo and her team worked hard to create the ultimate transformation for this walk-in pantry! The before & after is pretty amazing!! 

And here is another before and after, but this time of an office! Lo and Kate helped this client perge some unnecessary paperwork, refile the important documents, and create an overall more functional workspace.

Apparently everyone needs their pantry organized, because the NEAT Twin Cities team found themselves back in the kitchen this week at another client's. Labeled baskets help mantain organiziation while also hiding the clutter – perfect!

We couldn't visit the Twin Cities without checking in on little miss Sloane! She is the absolute cutest!

Happy Birthday Lo! We hope your day is filled with sunshine, happiness, and perhaps even a long bike ride on the beach!?!


the NEAT girls

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