Christmas in July! 3 Things to Do Now That Will Make the Holidays 10 Times Better!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We've all heard the expression, Christmas in July! This year, the NEAT girls are really embracing the saying and getting prepped for Christmas…YEP we said CHRISTMAS! Here are three things that we are doing that you should too that will help you to have an even more fabulous holiday season!

#1 Light Check! :: Nothing is worse than bringing out your lights only to find that you've got 10 strings that are half dead. The only thing more miserable is doing it while it's cold out. Save yourself some pain and bust out the lights during an evening barbeque this summer. Pack the ones that work back up with a note reminding yourself how many replacement strings you need.

#2 Candle Cleanse :: This is the season of lights afterall and candles cannot be forgotten. Especially for our friends who celebrate Hanukkah – wouldn't it be nice to start the season with some new, beautiful candles? We think so!

#3 Make and Address List and Check it Twice! :: Remember last year when you saved the return addresses of friends that had moved? Remember the holiday cards you sent to friends that got returned to sender that you swore you were going to reach out to for updates? We know you haven't done anything with them. Finish them now while the holiday rush is in the distant future! 

We are sure these 3 tricks will lead you to an enjoyable holiday with family this year!

We hope you are enjoying your summer and soaking in the beautiful rays but should you have a rainy day – take our advice and organize your Christmas in July! Oh! – In case you were wondering… these pictures are brought to you by the NEAT girls' Christmas' and Fourth of Julys from years past!


the NEAT girls