Congrats to These Two…

Friday, June 6, 2014

In honor of Kourtney's new baby bump (YES – TRUE STORY! Scott & Kourt are expecting their third child!) — we decided to dedicate today's post to the new soon-to-be parents of three! And as a new addition to any family goes – it's an exciting time that's also filled with endless preparation and planning to make space for one more.

Who better to help relieve some of the stress associated, than NEAT. We here to give you some quick tips and tricks to effortlessly make room for your newest bundle of joy!

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Get Bin Happy!

It's always great when you can incorporate things for baby that they can grow into and use when they are older. For example, what once held diapers, can later hold dolls or small toys. When preparing for the third child, implement bins that your baby will be able to use for many years to come!

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Designate 1 to 2 Play Areas

If you didn't designate a specific play area for the older kids, now is the time. This usually becomes the root of the common family household problem… "clutter & mess." With soon-to-be three children running around the house, it's easy for you and your home to feel out of control. By implementing specific zones, those areas can contain the mess toys instead of your entire house! 

Oh, and while you're at it – probably smart to purge some toys! They are only going to accumulate more from their family and friends as the due date approaches. And let's be honest – they won't even notice what's gone!

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Get Mason & Penelope Involved Early

If you thought your hands were full now… just wait until Baby 3 arrives! One small, yet still helpful task you can teach your kids to do is – set the table for meal time. By designating a few bottom drawers in the kitchen for plastic plates, cupes, and silverwear – these items now become easily accessible for the older ones to be a little more self sufficient…thus giving you one less thing to do! Thank God!

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Label Addict

When we say addict, we mean…become an addict. Label everything! We see it time and time again…that if things aren't labeled how are you, your husband, nanny, family member, housekeeper etc ever going to put things back where they belong? With labels, there is no more excuse for tossing things around!

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And when in doubt Kourt & Scott… We're more than happy to come over and help you all live The NEAT Life! No, but seriously…


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