Curating Your Custom Closet

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Scottsdale girl, Mika Perry has much to share on organizing your Master Closet! Not only is she one of the best organizers out there, but she's also known for her amazingly perfected closets. Join her here as she walks you through the process of how BEST to organize this space. 

Curating Your Custom Closet – by Mika Perry

A well-designed, functional and attractive closet is the perfect way to turn a bland, utilitarian space into a pleasant retreat ideal for "shopping" your own wardrobe. By drawing inspiration from today's trends in colors, textures, and furnishings, these NEAT-ly inspired ideas will re-frame the way you see your master closet and ensure that it remains your sanctuary.

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Decorative Design :: A classic design never goes out of style. From the cool, modern look of pure white and grey-toned wood (especially against a darkly painted colored wall) to the glamour of ebony and walnut, each finish offers its own unique beauty that compliments your individual style. 

Gold and Bold :: Accessorize with the latest in accents and coordinating accessories. Brass is back, and in a big way. From drawer pulls and knobs to lighting fixtures, this classic metal is sure to make a statement. 

Employ Smart Storage :: A functional closet system that’s designed specifically for your needs will make getting ready in the morning and ending your day much more enjoyable. The NEAT team has worked with numerous clients helping them as they initiate the design process. By identifying what you have and knowing the right questions to ask your closet designer, you can create an ideal closet design while truly maximizing the square footage.

Leverage Lighting ::  Adding a brilliant light fixture to your closet – a stunning ceiling chandelier or a smartly placed midcentury-modern task lamp – illuminates an inviting space.

Artful Accessories :: Closet accessories are an essential part in everything we organize, and carefully integrating them into your closet will allow the space function at its highest capacity. From pullout valet rods and full length mirrors, lucite drawer inserts to glass-tops for center islands with pullout drawers, these carefully curated accessories create easy access and proudly display your most prized possessions.


Mika (and the NEAT girls)