Dear LeBron…

Friday, July 18, 2014

We know you averaged 27.1 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game last season with the Miami Heat. We also know you earned two titles and evolved into currently the greatest basketball player on the planet (despite that whole leg cramp situation).

We also know you never truly left northeastern Ohio. As you prepare to pack up your wife and children, say goodbye to So Flo, and make the move back to the Midwest…do you really know what you're doing?? You may be the king of the court, but chances are you could use some of our expert advice when it comes to actually moving. Don't worry, we've got you covered! And trust us, Savannah will be equally as thrilled 😉


Now you may think as a "baller basketball player" (pun intended) that you should hire a big-wig moving company. But, chances are this is not your best bet. You are most likely going to get even better treatment if you choose a local "mom & pop" type moving company! (This generally goes for anyone) For you, LeBron, we recommend George Lima Movers to help you with an easy transition from Miami to Ohio.

Added bonus – our NEAT South Florida team can help pack you up, making your unpacking process in Ohio that much smoother! 

We know you've accumulated a ton of stuff. Whether its free gear or products, you like could use to get rid of some things before the move! Think about how much good you could do for society, and for your move, if you were to have a yard sale and donate all the money to The LeBron James Family Foundation! We know our NEAT basketball star, Heather would definitely purchase some things! 

And how are you going to display all your bling rings when you move into the new pad?? We suggest a solid cherry wood. glass ring presentation case. Your friends will also appreciate admiring them next time they are over! This way (being the BIG man that you are), your less likely to loose such SMALL items!

Seeing as you've been playing ball for almost 20 years now, you've definitely acquired a fabulous collection of great kicks! You many not believe what we are about to say… BUT, we suggest designating a closet to display your sneaker hoarding tendency that we all know you have! The reality is, you will always have a large shoe collection and instead of just letting them invade all different spaces and corners of the house, have one space specifically designed to keep your shoes organized together!

Lastly, if you ever get in a serious pinch (ie Savannah's purses are invading your side of the closet… or your underwear drawer won't close because its too full)…you know who to call! NEAT's got you covered! 😉


the NEAT girls

And oh yeah, go Cavs!

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