4 Design Trends to Avoid When Organizing in 2024

Friday, March 8, 2024

Besides ensuring the utmost in function, our product design team spends countless hours researching upcoming interior trends for new product launches. This year, we're leaving a few of those trends behind. Dive in to discover how and why we’re pivoting when selecting storage pieces for the home. If you still love these trends, continue to embrace them! But if you’re in the process of a renovation or refresh of your space, keep reading for some insight from our design team…

1. Modern Minimalism

Yes, we have an opinion on this topic... While the minimalist design trend that favors simple clean lines may be on its way out, we will always support the desire to live a life with less belongings. As it applies to design trends, however, we’re leaning away from this sleek style in lieu of more detail, pattern and color in our homes. NEAT Director of Product Development, Lauren Combs, explains “The new trend is the use of maximalist upholstery, a style rooted in a more-is-more philosophy, often blending patterns, colors, textures, and objects. We’re seeing this in vintage casegoods, corduroy, bold marble and mixed tile, curved everything, hybrid function, updated art deco, metallics, saturated rooms-dark walls, painted or wallpaper ceilings, fabric covered doors and upholstered walls, wools and rich texture.” 

When organizing, try selecting storage bins and baskets with multiple design elements included in one piece, like the texture and curved lines found in our natural Rattan Baskets.

2. Sliding Barn Doors

If you latched onto the barn door trend in your home and storage pieces, you are not alone. This trend was everywhere, from pantries and closets to media consoles. As we pivot away from farmhouse inspiration, we’re welcoming back the simple and uber functional swinging door. Bonus, a swinging door lends itself to more storage capabilities if you're interested in hanging hooks or a door rack on the back.

3. White Everything

There is definitely a time and place for allowing storage pieces to blend into their surroundings but if everything else in your home is white, consider branching out when it comes to storage solutions. Balance the presence of a white bookshelf or cabinet with a contrasting pop of color on your bins and baskets. Not ready for vibrant hues just yet? Dip your toes in the water with dark green or navy blue.

4. Pale Green

Did we mention we love a good green? No, not the 2010's mint or 1980's seafoam - those shades have run their course. We're talking a nice dark green inspired by the rich tones of nature. Avoid the urge to go pale and elevate your organizing game with more dramatic options that stand out in a sea of beige. We said it... and we're okay with branching out. Care to join? 


Rope Bin in Spruce

Grid Basket in Spruce

Perforated Basket in Navy

Rattan Basket


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