Disorganized Couple Seeks Professional Help

Real Simple's most recent July issue has hit stands and really hit home hard for us…

"Disorganized Couple Seeks Professional Help — Could working with a home organizer actually be better for a marriage than therapy?"


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Now of course, we by no means hold Masters Degrees in Organizational Physcology, but we do like to think that we tend to help save marriages! (Actually we've been told so, but those stories are for another day) 😉

Knowing that disorganization and clutter can take a toll on your marriage is the first step in conquering the problem. With that in mind, we're pointing out some common scenarios that tend to cause tension for couples, and how a few organizational changes can make daily life just a little less stressful. 

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Scenario 1 :: Papers, mail, papers, and more mail…

Imagine a labeled filing system in your home for all your incoming mail, bills, and important paperwork. Designate an "Inbox" for you and your significant other to review time sensitive paperwork. We would recommend that one of you take on the task as the "bill payer and filer." Don't worry, the other person can clean the dishes! Just getting through your paperwork alone will make your home feel a little less cluttered. 

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Scenario 2 :: The kids' toys are everywhere, making our home feel cluttered and tense…

How will your home ever feel peaceful and relaxing if the entire place feels like you walked into a tornado stricken Toys R Us? You've heard it from us before, but we are going to say it again… Give everything a LABEL! That way, there is no confusion as to where things need to be placed. Just think, your children will no longer have an excuse of not putting things away when there is a label in front of them that screams crayons or cars

Wouldn't you be instantly happier if you came home to a space like this?

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Scenario 3 :: The laundry has taken over the laundry room, and now the bedroom furniture and floors…

This is a tough one! If you both are naturally messy people, this will be a little bit more of a challenge to change your habits. It's important to have a great laundry hamper – we like this one or this one! If doing the laundry is really causing unnecessary stress and tension – just send it out! It may seem a little luxury, but if it keeps you both from arguing it might be your best invesetment yet! Well that and hiring NEAT Method of course. There are now great door-to-door laundry service companies that can handle it for you! Our current favorite is Washio!

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Now, let's be honest, it's going to take a little more than organization to save a marriage…but, we have heard that those that work as a team on this type of thing tend to have a healthier relationship. And – if your budget will allow, we highly recommend making the small investment of hiring an organizer to get you set up with the necessary solutions!


the NEAT girls

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  • JohnSimon

    Over the last year or so, I’ve definitely become one of those people who outsource everything. I use Uber, Lyftline (for when I need to go somewhere further away) and Washio for dry cleaning and laundry. Washio is AMAZING if you haven’t used it. It’s like Uber in that you request a ninja to come to your house, they arrive within whatever half hour time window you select, give you a cookie and reusable bags and then return your clothes ready to put away the next day. SUCH a time saver and actually really affordable. If anyone wants to try it, use the code DAPPER10 for $10 off your first order.

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