Elevated Dual Garage in Des Moines

Friday, June 14, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Emily Peters

When a family of five in West Des Moines reached out to Emily Peters for help with a dual garage space, she was ready for the challenge. The clients moved into their home three years before but had never implemented a good system for utilizing the large space. Both garages were attached to the home, and the family wanted each one to make more sense for their daily lives.

To tackle the project, Emily and the NEAT Method Des Moines team planned to have slat wall panels installed in each garage. One garage would house all yard tools, home utility items, and adult belongings, while the other would be dedicated to kids' toys, activities, bikes, and outdoor entertaining essentials. The garage with a door leading to the backyard was frequently used by guests during gatherings, so it was important to make it both visually appealing and easily accessible for children coming to play. Lastly, the mudroom system off this garage had never been fully unpacked, so Emily and her team focused on making it functional as well.

One of the main challenges the team faced was the amount of space between the two garages. The family did not have an excessive amount of belongings, so the team had to really test themselves in creating a functional system that would last as the family's needs, activities, and stages of life changed over time. The family also had a great built-in cabinetry system that was not being utilized at all, so ensuring its optimal functionality was another priority.

To solve these challenges, Emily sat down with the clients to learn about their lifestyle, their children's interests, their daily tasks and routines, and their entertaining and hosting preferences. The team also worked closely with Absolute Garage to ensure that the slat wall system made the most sense for the clients' space and wasn't just a series of wasted panels.

The clients were thrilled with the final result. They loved the idea that one garage feels dedicated to work and the other play, with the "work" garage inspiring them to tackle more yard work. They were also fans of having the majority of items being off the ground while still being easily accessible.

The slat wall paneling and open utility bins made a huge impact on the functionality of the space. Both solutions gave the children easy access to toys and gear and made putting it all back effortless. As Emily notes, "The more seamless for kiddos - the better!"

By taking the time to understand the clients' unique needs and challenges, Emily and her team, in collaboration with Absolute Garage, was able to create spaces that not only look great but also function flawlessly for this active family of five and their beloved pet.


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