Emmy Award Winning Show Asks for NEAT’s Help

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last week, Modern Family, the Emmy award winning show practically begged for NEAT’s help… well at least that is the way that we took it as we watched the episode. If for some reason you do not like the show modern family, just stop reading this right now – you should be ashamed of yourself! In this particular episode, Cam and Mitchell had an upcoming visit from the Adoption Services representative. Mitchell finds out about the meeting when he picks up the latest Glamour Magazine and sees that Cam has scribbled a note across Katie Holmes’ hair about the time the representative is coming. Cam of course has a hard time deciphering what time the representative is coming and Mitchell tells him he needs a new method for keeping important dates and times. Of course Cam disagrees and swears by his method only to have the Adoption Services representative show up at their door and the two are completely unprepared.

This hilarious episode is actually the story of something that we see every day. Our clients are busy; their hands are full and they write down information on any flat surface that ink can be removed from. If you can relate to Cam, Mitchell, or any of our clients, here are some great places to keep important dates:

Planner, Organized, NEAT Method

This adorable date book from Paper Source has plenty of room to write it all your daily information AND comes with Stickers to place on your calendar to document very important dates.

Kate Spade, Day planner, NEAT Method

This Kate Spade wall calendar adds a bit of style to your home but is perfect for a busy family. When the calendar is hung in an appropriate place, the whole family can be aware of the events for the day.

Graphic Image, Daily Planner, Organized, NEAT Method

Every man has the right to a date book too! We love Graphic Image’s pocket sized leather journal. This makes it easy for the on-the-go man to make it to the right place at the right time.

google calendar, NEAT Method, Schedule, Organized

And finally, for those of us who are totally into digital, Google calendar allows you to create a calendar online that can also be synced to your phone. The calendar can be color coded for family, friends, work events AND can be shared with others! AMAZING!

Hopefully one of these options is the perfect choice for you!


Molly & Ashley

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