Five Items Under $5 That Will Change The Way You Live!

After many requests, we have decided to share five of our favorite items to get you organized for under five dollars! Many people think that organizing can be a daunting task, and let’s be serious, it can – but these small items can have a large impact on your home AND not break the bank. When it comes to organizing, saving a little may allow you to splurge on that cute spring piece that you have been eyeing (at least that is what we are doing!) Without further adieu…

Clear Storage Bins, Toy Storage

#1 Container Store Shoe Boxes

Literally, we cannot think of the last time we didn’t use at least one of these in a client’s home. Although they are a perfect storage solution for shoes, they can also be used for storing small kids toys, tool parts, office supplies and just about anything else you can think of. These bad boys will cost you $1.89 each… yep you heard right – less than two dollars!

zip ties, cord ties, organize, blue

#2 Zip Ties (fun color optional but highly recommended!)

For some reason, no home is an exception when it comes to cords. Nothing makes NEAT want to hyperventilate into a brown paper bag quite like a knot of cords. When you can buy a 100 pack for $1.39, it is hard to imagine that anyone would pass up the opportunity to detangle cords (kidding…sort of). But seriously, once you have detangled and zip tied them, they are good to go. You will be surpised how much less space they take up when they are not in a ball of electrical tumbleweed.

Labels, paper labels, organizing labels

#3 Labels, Labels, and More Lables!

I mean…are you really surprised? As much as we love labels we don’t think you need to label your entire home, but when there are baskets involved, labels can be a great touch. Also, labels are beyond helpful for children. Ever wonder why your child’s teacher labels everything in the classroom? A print rich environment fosters literacy skills – we are officially helping your child’s education while making your place look great! Our friends at Paper Source have plenty of great packs for $4.95 that are sure to be a great addition to your home and are printer friendly too! Need we say more?

natural twine, rope, organizing

#4 Get into Twine

If you enjoy saving personal cards, consider picking up a spool of twine for $2.33 to bundle all of your favorites. We like to use this as a thoughtful way to categorize our sentimental client’s cards by year or event. It can also be used to tie the labels you just purchased to your freshly organized bins. Do you like how we just slid that comment right in there like that??? Twine has also been known to help fix a light pull in a closet at a client’s house and be the finishing touch aroud a fresh bouquet of flowers. Basically what we are saying is – how have you lived without it!?

chalkboard paint, chalkboard buckets, organizing

#5 Go Crafy With Chalkboard Paint

And finally, for all you DIYers out there – considering using chalkboard paint as the label to your favorite jars and bins. This is a creative way to label something but gives you the opportunity to change the contents inside without making a whole new label. Although it is typically more that $5, we were able to find it for under $5 on ebay. We love that it is eco-friendly in that you do it once and it is labeled for life, but also very current with what we are seeing all over Pintrest!


Now get shopping!


Molly & Ashley

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