Friday Recap :: NYE with the NEAT girls

Happy 2015! We hope you have already spent your first day a step closer to achieving your New Year's Resolution. If you are like us, you've made a list of resolutions that sound like good ideas and are still trying to figure out which one to settle on… In the meantime, we thought we'd share how we all brought in the New Year this year. 

Chicago, Ashley Murphy, organizing, Ashley, NEAT Method, kids, fun boys, happy baby, kids dinner, snack time, New Years, parties



Heather Byrne, Heather Gilligan, Aspen, skiing, snow skiing, snow bunny, winter, trees, snowboarding, Colorado, couples,


Columbus, Julia Purdy, Julia, New Years, New Years Eve, resolutions, ball drop


Katie Koetnje, new mom, bathrobe, baby, baby monitor, champagne, toast, champagne toast, holidays, new years, new years eve


Twin Cities, Minnesota, St. Paul, New years, babies, kids, photoshoot, kids photographer, Lauren Warner, organized, organized kids


Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Miami, Marissa Crylen, Marissa Hagmeyer, setting the table, table setting, holiday decor, New Years, hosting, party planning, food, cooking,


Mika Perry, Reece, snow fall, blue eyes, pretty girl, little girl, winter, photoshoot, kids photographer, frozen, playtime, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona organized


San Francisco, Molly Graves, Molly Heffinger, Ryan Graves, Dungeness, dungeness crab, new years, holiday party, polaroid, photoshoot, organized


washington dc, photo booth, Catherine Savage, Catherine Zinn, New Years, organized, organize, organizer, group pictures, DIY photobooth


Brooke Ruder, Andrew Neiman, new years, cute couple, dressed up, night out, NYE, 2015, resolutions, couple,

We hope your holiday season was as fun as ours. Cheers to living NEAT in 2015!


the NEAT girls

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