Gifts That EVERY GIRL Wants This Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The NEAT girls are tired of seeing people become victims of the "bad gift" curse. You know exactly what we're talking about because about right now, you are holding on to something that you do not like… at all. Why are you holding on to it? Because someone special gave it to you and you feel bad giving it away. Today, we are going to share some gift options that truly everyone will love – we are sure of it! 

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First up on our wish list is this copper, metal basket from The Organizing Store. In case you didn't know, copper is super trendy right now! This could literally be placed anywhere within your home to add a little update to your space. As a gift, add a bottle of wine and a few wine glasses and you are all set!

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Next on our list is this Jan Burtz Gold Luster platter. This could be used for perfumes, jewelry, keys, coins, the list goes on and on. Regardless of what you use it for, it needs to be in your home STAT. 

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Finally, it's time to eliminate all of those vases that you have saved from receiving flowers and get one (or two!) that you absolutely love. We are really liking this one by Vera Wang.

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Now that you are convinced that this truly is the best gift guide this Valentine's Day, be sure to descreetly leave this blog post up on your computer for your honey to see! 


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