Gift Bundles Under $250

Monday, November 14, 2022

Give the gift of organization this holiday season. Discover bundles under $250 for the NEAT lover on your list. Just add each product to your cart, in the suggested quantity and bundle together for a perfect present. Need more ideas? Shop Gift Bundles Under $100 and Gift Bundles Under $500

Coffee lovers rejoice! Decant and display go-to staples to create a simple and streamlined morning ritual. Our canisters' airtight seal is great for coffee beans or pods with various sizes to accommodate all the accouterments. Corral sweeteners and toppings in one place with our Acacia Turntables and conceal any overflow or occasional use items in our elevated Perforated Acacia Basket. Lastly, make it easy to grab exactly what they need first thing in the morning with our customizable Blank Label Set.

13.5" Acacia Turntable (qty 1*)

Perforated Acacia Basket (qty 1*)

Small Canister (qty 2*)

Medium Canister (qty 1*)

Blank Label Set (qty 1*)


Don't let them run out of baking ingredients ever again — keep tabs on inventory with clear, airtight containers. Our XL canister was designed to hold a five pound bag of flour or sugar and features a wide opening, large enough to accommodate a scoop or measuring cup. Our medium and small size canisters are perfect for corralling specialty flours and sugars, or baking tools like cupcake liners. Don't forget to include a Blank Label Set so it’s easy to grab exactly what’s needed when the flour starts flying.

Small Canister (qty 2*)

Medium Canister (qty 2*)

Large Canister (qty 2*)

XL Canister (qty 1*)

Blank Label Set (qty 1*)




The laundry room has never looked (or smelled) better, they may even find themselves making excuses to do an extra load! Our Perforated Basket is a perfect catchall for ironing or mending tools while specialty treatments are ideal for displaying on Acacia Turntables. Frequently used items like dryer balls and laundry pods store effortlessly in Glass Jars and allow a quick visual when quantities are low. Add the finishing touch with a set of elevated Acacia Hangers.

Medium Perforated Basket (qty 1*)

Small Glass Jar (qty 2*)

Medium Glass Jar (qty 1*)

10.5" Acacia Turntable (qty 1*)

Acacia Hangers (qty 1*)


It’s amazing what a hanger swap can do for a closet! Add labels, a pretty bin and a clutch on display for a custom feel in any home. Our Everyday Hangers are thin, strong and stylish–enough said. Include a set of Hanger Clips to accommodate skirts or slacks. Delicate fabrics like cashmere and silk store beautifully in our Lined Acacia Bin without risk of snagging the fabric, and the addition of our Closet Label Set adds the perfect NEAT touch to keep everything in its place. For extra bonus points, keep them organized on the go with a mumi x NEAT clutch.

Lined Acacia Bin (qty 1*)

Everyday Hangers (qty 2*)

Everyday Hanger Clips (qty 1*)

Closet and Mudroom Label Set (qty 1*)

mumi x NEAT Clutch (qty 1*)


*Purchase suggested quantity to complete bundle.

Happy shopping!


the NEAT team

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