Ground Level Organization 101

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

When storage is limited, taking advantage of vertical space is key. We often recommend looking up (or down) within a closet or pantry for this purpose. Hanging shelves above is easy enough but how do you leverage the floor for organization without adding visual clutter? Our best advice is to hide necessities in opaque bins or baskets that are easy on the eyes. Here are a few of our favorite categories to organize at ground level and the best organizers for each...

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When it comes to the pantry, we don't recommend placing food at ground level. But, the floor is perfect for storing excess paper towel, ziplock bags, reusable bags, and bottled drinks. Basically, any non-food item that you aren't accessing frequently work well tucked away on the floor. Our extra large Reeded Rattan Bin was designed just for this purpose and is especially durable for handling heavy loads. Because they're not see through, you'll want to be sure to add labels so you don't lose track of what goes where. 



Struggling to find shoe storage? You're not alone! It's one of the most common problems we come across in the closet. Here's a favorite trick of ours: Gather flat sandals and slippers (even tennis shoes could work) and arrange them by category in upright rows within an Oxford Bin. Add an appropriate label and place on the ground beneath hanging clothes. This will make room on your shoe shelves for heels and booties while keeping sandals and slippers at arms reach. 




Large toys can be a huge pain point in kids rooms and playrooms. Think big stuffed animals, balls, hot wheel tracks, and dress up accessories. Corral what you can in large lidded baskets by category and position at the end of the bed or next to a dresser. For the toys that don't even fit in a large basket? Line them up on the floor of the closet to be easily tucked out of sight. 




Blankets are a no-brainer when it comes to ground level organization. Oversized opaque baskets are perfect for tucking throws in the corner of the family room and less often used guest linens at the base of a linen closet. For those super bulky comforters and duvets, try compressing them using Space Bags for extra space saving before placing into your bin or basket. 



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