Here We Come Southern California!

Friday, November 14, 2014

We have THE BEST news, coming straight from Southern California! Our gal Katie B is BACK from maternity leave, and we couldn't be more thrilled!!! Lucky for Katie, her "AMAZING" right hand girl Candice was able to help San Diego live the NEAT Life while Katie B enjoyed a few weeks of motherhood!

So what exactly has SOCAL been up to these past few weeks?? We thought we'd pay them a visit…and make our cold weather states jealous of all that sunny California has to offer! 😉

Reunited on a job at last…Katie B & Candice couldn't be more excited!

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The girls enjoyed helping their Newport Beach client get their craft room in order! The wrapping station is all set and ready, just in time for the Holidays! Santa has nothing on this workshop! 😉

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How about this PERFECT Coronado view for a closet installation on Coronado Island!

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We would give anything for this STUNNING closet! How beautiful is it – and even more so when it's organized NEATly!

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Who doesn''t take a good SELFIE in the pantry before you organize??? If no one else… Katie, Candice, and Claire sure do!

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Lastly, we couldn't pay SD a visit without checking in on little sweet cheeks Ryan Harrison Koentje! Here he is at 3 months! "It's not easy leaving this adorable face, but bringing The NEAT Life to Southern California makes it all worthwhile!"

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Living in Southern California, with constant sunshine, and helping people live the NEAT Life…seems like it doesn't get much better than that!


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