How to Donate and do Twice the Good

At NEAT Method, we are always down for completing tasks that, "Kill Two Birds With One Stone" so to speak. For example, organizing your closet will make it easier to get dressed in the morning AND will help you spend less since you will know exactly what you have. 

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Enter Fashion Project. This company is trying to do good while you are in the mood to donate. Send your clothes to Fashion Project and up to 55% of the proceeds will go to a charitable cause. 

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Some of the amazing charities they have helped fund are: She's the First, NEADS, and Women's Global Empowerment Fund

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If you aren't convinced that this is your new favorite way to eliminate unwanted items in your closet, let us give you one more reason to love this company. It was started by two women. Sound familiar?? 🙂 Now get eliminating!


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  • Charlene Rossell Mitchell

    Wow, thanks for sharing! I’m always impressed with professionals who can get things organized. And I love the idea of getting your house in order and being a do-gooder at the same time. This is a wonderful concept!

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