5 Interior Design Trends and How They Impact the Way We Organize Our Homes

Thursday, June 1, 2023

We have always believed that organization is about more than bins and labels. Our spaces are thoughtfully planned - not only with clients' needs in mind, but also with attention to the visual display. Because of that, interior design trends play a big role in what products we select and how we arrange them in a space. It's important that baskets and canisters blend in with decor and feel like a continuation of each home's design. 

Curious how you can apply current design trends to your own organizing system? These 5 top the list and are easy to incorporate with your product plan. 

Old with New

Out with the new and in with the old...kind of. Vintage pieces are making a comeback but they're being mixed with new pieces in the same space. Achieve this by incorporating modern organizing products on top of or inside your antiques furniture pieces - just make sure to measure first! 

Natural Materials

Raw materials like wood, stone, and terracotta are taking the place of plastic and other manufactured products in the home. When organizing, select natural products like Rattan Baskets and Glass Jars with wooden lids to continue the trend behind closed doors. 


Colors have begun to show up on walls and cabinets as grays and beiges take a back seat. Your organizing products can make a statement too with baskets in spruce or navy. Tuck them inside cupboards for a surprise of color, or put them on display. 


More curves are making their way into interiors in the form of arched doorways and rounded furniture. Add balance to these soft edges with structured organizing products like straight sided bins and drawer organizers

Darker Wood Tones

Designs are starting to trade light wood for darker tones as seen in flooring, furniture and cabinets. Hardwood acacia turntables, risers and inserts are the perfect way to start incorporating this trend into your home, or to complement dark tones already present in your space. 


Old With New - Ceramics

Natural Materials - Rattan Basket

Color - Perforated Basket in Spruce

Darker Wood Tones - Lined Acacia Bin


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