How Many Neat Girls Does It Take…

To take over a City!!! 

We've decided to take this week's recap to share with all of you a glimpse into our 1st Annual Neat Summit! It actually took place last week, but it's taken all of us a full week to recover from all of the festivities that took place. Don't worry…our days were filled with product knowlege and home tours, cause afterall, a NEAT Girl doesn't like to get out of "order". 

Thanks again to all of our girls for making the trip to the Windy City! We had such a blast with all of you and can't wait to see what 2014 brings. Thanks for being so NEAT!


Molly & Ashley

neat method, neat girls, starbucks, neat summit, the neat life



neat method, neat girls, neat summit, the neat life, party planning

neat method, the neat girls, the neat life, organizing

the container store, container store events, neat method, the neat girls, organizing

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