How to Create a Homework Station

Thursday, August 18, 2022

School is officially back, and along with it the homework assignments. But, don't let the weight of a full backpack get you down. Set your child up for success with all the necessities they'll need to focus on the day's assignments. We're sharing simple tips for creating a distraction-free homework station that is sure to inspire!

1. Choose a Location

A small corner in a quiet bedroom or office is ideal - here we even used a closet under the stairs. Add a desktop and chair, repurposing from another area of the home if possible. When space is limited, you might consider creating a homework basket or cart that can be used at any table or countertop and tucked away before dinner time. 




2. Gather Supplies

Consider the tools your child will need for a typical homework assignment. For younger children that probably includes crayons, scissors and glue. For older children: lots of extra pencils, erasers and a calculator. The less they have to step away from their station to gather additional supplies, the better. 



3. Categorize & Contain

Now that you have all the supplies, contain each category within its own basket, canister or drawer organizer. If you're using a desk, place most often used items like pencils in a jar or canister on the desktop for easy access. Tuck all other supplies out of sight in drawer organizers or baskets on a nearby shelf. 

If implementing a more modular station, a single divided basket like the one pictured above, works great. Place a few canisters on one side for small items and line up larger items on the other. 


4. Add Labels

Avoid the distraction of a cluttered work space. Label your system to keep everything organized and ensure your child knows exactly where to find what they need. Our label holder sets are perfect for attaching to almost any bin or basket and are simple to update when your needs change. 




the NEAT team