How to Declutter 3 Ways using Stasher Bags

Friday, February 2, 2024

Nothing feels better than finding what you need, right where you expect it to be. Sometimes it’s as easy as loosely placing a category of items into a bin, but other times you might need to provide more boundaries. We love creating grab-and-go zones for quick access to items you frequently take on the run. This is especially useful for small items that tend to roll around within a basket or drawer. For these simple categories, Stasher bags are the perfect way to subcategorize. Their durable design and variety of sizes make it easy to get NEAT. Here’s 3 easy ways to declutter using Stasher bags: 

Streamlining Your Snack Station
Keep your snack chaos under control. Organize by type, day, or set up a convenient grab-and-go zone for snacking on the run. Stasher bags make it easy to keep things straight by using different colors for different categories or simply adding a label directly to the bag. We also love them for storing homemade trail mix or your favorite dried fruit. 
Pro-tip: Separate salty snacks from sweet treats using the NEAT Method divided Perforated Basket.

Crafts on the Go
This one is for all the craft enthusiasts. Easily transport markers, crayons, and other supplies with Stasher bags. They’re the perfect solution for road trips or shifting items around, especially if your storage isn’t close to where you get creative. Major bonus: the leak-free seal keeps messes contained - just wipe the inside clean or throw it into the dishwasher

Pro-tip: Measure the length of craft supplies (especially long pencils and paint brushes) to make sure each item will fit.

Sorting Baby Essentials
A new baby means lots of small, essential items. Keep those spare pump parts, pacifiers, and more neatly organized in Stasher bags and put an end to hunting down essentials in the middle of the night. They're also perfect for organizing a diaper bag, whether you’re storing unpackaged baby wipes, diapers or a clean set of clothes. 

Pro-tip: Label the matte side of each bag using a label maker or paint marker to quickly identify categories. 

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NEAT Method Perforated Basket

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