How to Get the NEAT Look

Thursday, September 2, 2021

It's no secret that we love hand selecting products to fit each of our clients' needs and elevate the look of a space. Realistically though, we know not everyone wants to purchase a bunch of new organizers all at once. We're big advocates of creating a plan and purchasing products slowly, but there's one thing to keep in mind as you prepare to get NEAT...keep it cohesive.

It's amazing what a difference matching organizers can make in a space. The first thing we do in every closet is implement hangers in the same style and color for an instant space lift. Buy one pack at a time if you need to, just make sure you're purchasing from a brand that won't discontinue the style before you can finish the space.

This goes for bins, baskets, canisters and drawer inserts too. Choose a color or material and repeat it where you can. If you aren't ready to buy new organizers, adding matching labels in the same size, shape and color, can help tie everything together.

There is always risk of, "too much of a good thing". When a space needs a lot of products placed close together, consider creating balance with complementary products in an 80/20 ratio. If 80% of your shelves are full of lined acacia bins, add in a row of stone Oxford bins in the same size. Or, if you want to add in a pop of color, go with 80% neutral and 20% accent color. 

When we designed our product line, cohesiveness was really important. The struggle was real when trying to find organizers that worked together aesthetically and had all the features we needed. So, we made sure almost every piece in our product line works together so you can create perfect balance in your home. 



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