Expert Tips on How to Level Up Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Monday, June 17, 2024

Whether your ideal summer includes endless pool parties or gathering around the fire to roast marshmallows, it's time to give your outdoor space a little extra love. NEAT Method Baltimore - North owner, Susie Renninger, joined forces with Poppy Home Design's Interior Designer, Allison Williams, for a trip to Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, MD. They're sharing all the details on designing and organizing your outdoor area, for perfect gatherings this summer. Discover their tips for bringing the indoors out...

NEAT Method: What do you look for when choosing outdoor furniture with entertaining in mind?

Allison: Our go-to pick is something made of breathable open weave material made of resin wicker.  The design is current, it holds up to the elements and dries quickly. 

NEAT Method: What types of storage solutions would you recommend in order to compliment the design and use of outdoor space?

Susie: Outdoor cabinets, a potting stand, or a shelf consistent with the style of your outdoor furniture can be great options for storing frequently used items. 

NEAT Method: What colors or materials are you seeing for Summer 2024?

Allison: We are seeing bright patterns and florals but also the continuation of neutrals that have a lot of texture. Our advice is to go with a color and material that suits you but have those same elements throughout your outdoor spaces so the look is cohesive. 

NEAT Method: What are some ways to incorporate those trends and elevate the look of outdoor space?

Allison: An easy way to incorporate trends or even pops of color is to start with a neutral foundation in your furniture and then add pillows, umbrellas, planters and garden stools in the latest styles. 

Susie: Beautiful bins, baskets, trays, and turntables are a perfect option for storing and/or displaying entertaining supplies for a polished look and bringing added texture into your design. Avoid brightly colored plastic containers, instead select elevated wood, coated metal, natural materials. 

NEAT Method: What practical tips do you have for summer entertaining?

Susie: When cleaning up from your guests, inventory items as you put them away in their homes. Add items that need to be replenished or replaced on your shopping list and items that need to be repaired on your to do list. This will help ensure you already have the entertaining supplies you need before your next gathering. 


Cane Tray

Reeded Rattan Bin

Seagrass Bin

Acacia Turntable


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