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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

It seems as though Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show on Netflix took the world by storm – but how many of you have actually “tidied” your house? While we love the emphasis on organizing, Marie Kondo’s approach can be a bit overwhelming… here are our go-to tips on editing items!

Edit by category & subcategory

Choose a category to begin with and sort through those items all at once. Then begin with a subcategory.

Examples: Kitchen sub-categories: appliances, kitchen tools, dishware, etc. Closet sub-categories: Tees, Bottoms, Pajamas, Coats, etc.

We find that sometimes one category is a lot to take on at a time, so break it up into more manageable pieces!

Sort your items

This is an important step! Once you have your subcategory it’s important to sort your items either by color, sleeve length, season, or however else it makes sense to you! It’ll be easier to part with a white tee if you realize you have 4 others that are much brighter than the one you’re currently holding on to.

Let it go

Put on the Frozen track if you have to! It’s important to let the item go if – it no longer works for your lifestyle, it’s simply unnecessary, it doesn’t fit, you don’t love it, etc.

Believe us – the space and peace of mind is worth MUCH more than the item.

Sell or Donate

Take stock of the items you’re parting with and decide which items have good resale value and which are just better to be donated. Remind yourself that someone else will find use and love the item that you currently do not need. Do not feel ANY guilt by passing an item onto someone else – instead be grateful that you are in a position to donate it to someone who could use it.

Get it out!

The next step is to get the items out of your house. This can be the hardest part, but it’s super important to actually drop off the items or have them picked up so that the clutter is gone. It’s very rare that a client donates something and then regrets it – usually you can rebuy something that you may need down the line.

Develop a habit

We suggest having an area of your home, or even just a basket in your closet where you place items you no longer want. If it becomes a habit to constantly edit your items and donate, it won’t be so overwhelming moving forward. Once the bin is full that means you need to deal with it!

Find your Source

Here’s a list of popular donation sources, and some even offer complimentary pickup!

Books: Local Library

Clothing: Dress for Success, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Women's Shelters

Furniture: Salvation Army 

Mattresses: Local Charities, Facebook marketplace, more

Linens: Animal Shelters

Tools: Habitat for Humanity


Keep in mind you may have local charities that you truly believe in – do your research so you are happy with the place you are donating to! That’ll make the process even easier!

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