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Sunday, June 30, 2024

As professional organizers, there is nothing we love more than being prepared. So we knew our team would have all the details on summer beach and pool day must-haves. Take a look at the items they swear by and why you might want add them to your beach bag too...

1. Keep it simple
My favorite beach accessory is the smallest item in my bag, this sunscreen stick- I use it on my kids and I...ears/nose/neck- it's so easy and works great! 
- Katie Koentje,  Owner, SD + OC and West Regional Director


2. Save your breath

I recently discovered the most portable air pump you’ve ever seen. We use it to inflate our beach ball at the beach and floaties at the pool. It has a handful of different nozzles so it works for all different types of inflatables. It’s so small you hardly notice it’s in your bag plus it’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about bringing a power source. Major game changer. 

-Chelsea Thomas, Marketing + Communications Manager


3. Pack light

My newest favorite for the beach or pool is Dock and Bay beach towels. They are lightweight, very absorbent, sand resistant, space saving and are fast drying. I will never carry a thick towel again!

-Jill Crylen, Executive Assistant


4. Let it breathe

Once pool season starts, we keep an easy-dry mesh tote bag packed and ready with goggles, toys, and sunscreen. Pool towels are relocated from the laundry room to a shelf in the garage for easy car-loading. 

-Nikki Orsborn, Lead Graphic Designer


5. Leave the sand at the beach

The Sandscreen has dramatically improved the cleanliness of our car, post beach visit. We tuck it into the outside pocket of our beach bag then wipe it over feet and legs before getting in the car. Can't recommend it enough! 

-Chelsea Thomas, Marketing + Communications Manager


6. Be prepared

I love placing Supergoop! 18 oz pumpPLAY Everyday Lotion  next to our front door during the summer. As my kids put their shoes on for day camp, it's a reminder to lotion up. And then on weekend trips to the beach or a pool, I grab the pump on my way out the door and put it in the car. 

-Lisa Ruff, Director of Marketing


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