How We Keep it NEAT | Under the Sink

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Hands-down one of trickiest spaces to organize is the cabinet under a sink. Whether you're tackling the kitchen, primary bathroom or guest bath, navigating around pipes to store your belongings is no small feat. When organizing our own homes, we have a little bit of any upper hand - we get to control what is stored. And it's safe to say that staying organized plays a big role in that decision. We asked a few of our corporate team members what they do to keep it NEAT, under the sink. 


1. Think Outside the Box

"Don't be afraid to think outside the box when deciding what to store under your sinks. To ensure my girls' transition to bedtime is as quick and easy as possible, I store their pajamas in the bathroom. "

- Lisa Ruff, Director of Marketing



2. Opt for Minimal Backstock

"Rather than store a stock of sponges, I streamline storage under my kitchen sink by committing to a single wooden dish brush. Bonus, it's more sustainable, less likely to gather bacteria, and looks pretty sitting out."

- Hannah Goetz, Director or Franchise Operations



3. Decant to Streamline

"I decant all of my cleaners in 32oz professional grade spray bottles and store them in large divided bins. Each bottle is labeled with the location or item that the liquid cleans. This creates an easy system for everyone in the home to locate the correct cleaner. I try to keep everything in clear containers so I'm easily able to see when items are running low; back stock items live behind the caddies for easy refills."

-Valerie Wood, Technical Operations Manager



4. Stack to Optimize Space

"Account for pipe placement to ensure bins/baskets will fit and to leverage vertical height. Don't be afraid to stack (unless it's something you use daily). I store dog wash items here because I bathe my dog in my daughter's bathroom." 

- Nikki Orsborn, Lead Graphic Designer



5. Stick to the Essentials

"I don't have a cabinet under my kitchen sink, just a small drawer that is modified for the sink components, so I only store things that are essential. This includes a few extra cleaning supplies for scrubbing dishes or cleaning the counters, our dog’s food, trash bags, and a Life Vac since we have young kids (although we hope to never use it)! We have the trash bags in a glass jar as well to help stand them up, and then we use black ceramic trays to put the cleaning products so that nothing ruins the walnut cabinet bottom."

- Lauren Combs, Director of Product Development


6. Utilize Powder Room Storage

"This is my powder room so while I store back up soap and toilet paper, I also have a few hair supplies in one of the baskets to help with our morning routine for my girls!"

- Marissa Hagmeyer, Co-Founder and COO


As detail oriented people, we like living a somewhat edited lifestyle, but we also realize not every strategy works for everyone. Take these tips with a grain of salt and try those that speak to you - it might just simplify your life in a way you hadn't considered before.


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