How Would You Like to be Labeled?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Time and time again our clients ask us "How will I ever be able to maintain this organization?". The answer is simple…."Just put everything away in it's necessary home". The truth is, we know that this isn't as easy as it sounds! That's why we always do our best to make it as self explanatory as possible. Labels. Labels. Labels. 

With everything properly labeled, it's been proven to increase your chances of actually putting your things away. Since we are the Queens of Labeling, we thought we would share some of our inspiration for making labeling as attractive as possible in your home!

chalkboard labels, baskets, storage

Lucky for you, there are a handful of DIYers out there creating great labels for you to purchase. This is one that we love to use with clients. Martha Stewart also make a similar one here

chalkboard labels, baskets, containers, storage, organization

One of our favorite areas to organize is a kid's playroom! It's a mecca for labeling and even helps kids develop early literacy skills. How great would it be for your kids to pick up after themselves because they could read the container that says puzzles?!?! Wishful thinking!

kids organization, playroom organization, labels, chevron labels

The real key is to buy the necessary bins to make labeling easy on yourself! These from The Container Store make it fool proof to just write on a piece of paper and slide it in the window. 


The Container Store Bins, canvas bins, labels, organizing, storage

So, there you have it! Now there are no excuses to not put your things away. Get yourself some labels and bins and toss your items in!


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