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Friday, August 18, 2017

Jumping back to the West Coast, we’re excited to introduce you to Rachel Smith and Carrie Miller, our newest NEAT Method Seattle partners! Read our interview with Rachel and Carrie below to learn why they are two of the coolest business partners around.

NM :: Alright ladies, let’s jump right in and get to know you (and Seattle)! Tell us what you were up to before you joined NEAT and what made you want to run an organizing business!

RS :: My background is in education and I taught elementary PE in Arizona for 7 years. Since becoming a Mom, I have been at home with my two adorable children. My youngest will be in school full time this fall and I’m excited to start a career of my own. I believe that living in a beautifully organized home isn’t just about the gorgeous appearance. It’s about creating a happier and more peaceful life. That’s the true “beauty” of being organized. Through NEAT Method, my passion for creating a stunning and functional space will help others achieve a more enjoyable and productive lifestyle. To me, that’s beyond rewarding.

CM :: My professional career was in in Digital Ad Tech, I was fortunate enough to work for both Microsoft and Amazon. I loved the field and the people I worked with however once my kids were born I struggled being able to continue that path and live the life I craved. It has always been a goal of mine to be a small business owner doing something I love. Once I left the corporate world people have consistently asked me what I was going to do once my kids were in school my answer has always been, “I want to create something of my own.” NEAT Method is the perfect balance of owning my own business with the support and mentorship of an established reputable brand.

NM :: What makes Seattle unique?

CM :: I know I am biased but I think Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the States. We have an endless amount of outdoor recreation, it’s a short drive up to the mountains to go skiing and the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges are great for hiking and biking. In the Northwest you will find lots of lakes for boating and more green landscape then you can even imagine. The city has a laid back style and a vibrant music and arts scene. Seattle is a great place to live a healthy lifestyle and raise children. The rain scares a lot of people but Seattle actually has less annual rainfall then Houston, Chicago and New York City.

NM :: What are some your favorite places to shop in your city?

RS & CM :: For wardrobe and beauty – always Nordstrom. There is something special about shopping in the flagship store downtown. Bellevue Square has everything when in the suburbs, this mall also does a great job of staying fresh and current. For vintage pieces I love Lucky Vintage in Ballard. For gifts though our go to store is glassybaby, there is something so fun about watching the glassblowers!

NM :: Ok so after all of that shopping, what are your favorite places grab a bite to eat?

RS :: I have to go with PaIisades for fresh Seattle seafood. The menu is incredible, the food is to die for and if you go for the Sunday brunch it’s like nothing else. I love Ristorante Paradiso (Kirkland) for delicious home cooked Italian food. I can be a bit of an Italian food snob and Ristorante Paradiso is amazing and never disappoints. Wild Ginger (Seattle location) is also at the top of my list for out of this world Thai food. I love the ambiance and the food is so flavorful and fresh.

NM :: On the topic of style, food and all things décor. Any favorite blogs we NEED to check out!?

RS & CM :: There are so many we love! A Bowl Full of Lemons is one of our favorites because it features trendy organizing tips! Other favorites include :: Amber Interiors, Emily Henderson, Coco Kelley, Zen Habits, and Decor8.

NM :: Sign us up! Ok last question, hidden talents! Do you have any that you’d like to share?

RS :: This is soooo random but I’ve learned through the years I’m kind of a talented arm wrestler (if there’s such a thing). For my size (5’2”) you’d never know it.

CM :: I never forget a face, I literally could have met you once 20+ years ago and I will remember when and where. Unfortunately, I will probably forget your name though.

NM :: Those are great ones! Anything else you think we need to know?

CM :: Rachel and I literally met in a sandbox, we were both wearing our daughters, who were infants at the time, and chasing our boys who were toddlers. We clicked immediately and have been laughing and supporting each ever since.

RS :: Carrie and I couldn’t be more excited to start NEAT Method Seattle. We are energized and ready to bring the luxurious, clean and modern look of NEAT to Seattle. Our work ethic, collaboration and individual talents will create a successful partnership with NEAT and our future clients.

You two are just the cutest and we’re so lucky to have you as part of the NEAT team! If you know of anyone that needs organizing in the Seattle area, please reach out to Carrie or Rachel!

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