It’s in the BAG….Merry Christmas to NEAT!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We can’t tell you how excited we are for our NEAT Christmas gifts. We’ve been dreaming about this perfect present all year long and have been extra nice so our wish would come true.

Turns out….Santa likes us!!!!! The NEAT team are now the proud owners of the Lo & Sons O.G. Bag.

Lo & Sons, Organized, Black Bag, New York, Christmas,

This isn’t any ordinary bag! It’s an organizer’s dream (and a frequent travelers). We discovered the O.G. from our Photographer, Michelle Drewes, who was toting around all of her equipment. This obviously proved the bag to be extremely durable and extremely CUTE! We just had to have it. Finally a bag that has enough compartments for all of our “tools” we need for organizing. (i.e. label makers, box cutters, scissors, tape measurer, iPad, camera, client folders, goo gone, pens, note pads, water, lunch & of course, lipgloss). Yep…that’s a lot of stuff. That’s the point. This bag holds EVERYTHING! Check out their adorable video that proves our point:

Lo & Sons – The O.G. (Overnight & Gym) Travel Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

We hope this bag made your wishlist this year too, but above all we wish you the happiest holiday season filled with family and friends!


Ashley & Molly