Kevin Hart's Kitchen and Pantry

Thursday, July 22, 2021

One thing we pride ourselves on at NEAT Method is client confidentiality, but because of that, we don't get to share our clients' names very often. So, when the hilarious Kevin Hart and his sweet wife Eniko gave us the green light to show off our recent project, we were thrilled! The space was amazing to begin with but we created a system that took it to the next level. Take a look at the results. 

City :: Los Angeles

Organizer :: Krisztina Galambos

Client: Kevin and Eniko Hart

Room :: Kitchen and Pantry

Hours to complete :: Kitchen - 8 hours with 4 organizers. Pantry - 6 hours with 3 organizers.

Objective :: With a busy house of four kids - two young and two teens, plus the chef, housekeeper, and Kevin and Eniko - it was important to create a system that worked for the entire family. Things can easily get lost in a kitchen of their size so we broke everything up into zones to help them keep track of where things were. We also labeled every single drawer to make sure it was extra clear where to put something back once it’s been used.

Client’s favorite feature :: Eniko loves organization and was thrilled as she watched the project unfold. She especially loved the way turntables streamlined their sauce and oil collection. They made it easy to access items in the back of a cupboard that was previously overstocked with bottles and no organizers. 

Stand out products :: We're always a huge fan of the NEAT perforated baskets. They hid things nicely in the pantry and the divider in the middle allowed us to subcategorize.

What’s your favorite part of Kevin and Eniko's kitchen and pantry?  


The NEAT Team


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