NEAT to Know | Kitchen Tools

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

We get it, organizing can be overwhelming. If tackling your entire home at once sounds like too much we suggest taking small steps that will make a big difference over time. Here’s what you “NEAT to Know” to…

Organize your Kitchen Tools in 5 steps!

Step One ::
Collect all of your kitchen tools.
Pull it all out! Now is the time to check all your drawers & cabinets – you never know where a stray utensil may be hiding!

Step Two ::
Sort your tools by type.

Place spatulas together, peelers together, etc. Once all like items are together you’ll get the full picture of what you have.

Step Three ::
Remove any duplicates.
No need for 3 can openers! Be honest – how many can openers do you use at one time? If you are the only home cook, you only need one.

Step Four ::
Prioritize items based on use.
Keep your most used items close to the stove and more specialty items farther away. If you’re right handed, consider having them to the right of your cooktop, and if you’re left handed – to the left!

Step Five ::
Keep tools contained.
Use drawer dividers to keep your tools separate and NEAT. This will ensure the system is kept up after all your hard work organizing.

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