Life of the (Tupperware) Party!

Do you have a hard time finding the tops to your tupperware? So you just give up saving the leftovers?? AND then maybe even find you’re just as frustrated trying to close the cabinet drawer because it looks like a tupperware bomb went off???

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We are pretty sure alot of people who requested this Tip Tuesday post have a drawer like this somewhere lurking in their kitchen…

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The reality is, you don’t need to hoard Tupperware. Other than around particular holidays, it is not necessary to have an excessive amount of Tupperware. Truly, you should really only keep one set!

Here are just a few tips and tricks to having a NEATly organized Tupperware collection ::

Repurpose a CD rack to keep the tops from sliding and making a mess!

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If you'd like to get even more creative, you can install dividers in the bottom kitchen drawer to keep all like items together! This way, you'll never misplace another lid again!

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We typically recommend glass stoage containers for leftovers. Not only are they more durable with a longer shelf life, but they will never absorb food flavors.

This 20 piece set of Glasslock Snapware Tempered Glass containers are dishwaser, microwave, and freezer safe. 


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Okay people – today is the day! Out with the old, and in with the new. Next time you are heating up some leftovers, don't forget to invite NEAT! 


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