Life in the Windy City!

In an effort to change things up a bit, we thought we'd focus on a different city each week and what they have been up to. We figured it was a better way to keep things simple…since that is our motto afterall.

First up, the very COLD city of Chicago!

Chicago Winter, winter pics, city under ice, 100 days of summer

Our Chicago girls, Brooke and Ashley have been spending time preparing for the New Year by warm cozy fires! Really ladies, are we working hard or hardly working?? Whatever gets you through -40 degrees. 

brooke ruder, ashley murphy, neat method, fireside pics, cozy setting

They kicked off the new year with this fun office project! There wasn't a piece of paper or keepsake that didn't end up with a home. Luckily all of the cabinets and drawers were empty and they just had to create the system for the client to keep! 

office transformation, office organization, neat method, organized files,

Nothing beats networking! And these girls know the best place to do so during these cold winter months. The Library of the Public Hotel is their favorite spot to meet for coffee when chatting with potential partners. 

public hotel, chicago, the library, cozy setting, fireside pics, neat method meetings

So, if you see our Chicago girls…give them a little love because it may be awhile before things warm up there. We hope all of you have a lovely weekend! Stay warm. 


the NEAT girls

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