The Method to our Madness

Thursday, November 8, 2012

As you might recall, NEAT Method’s San Francisco team took a little field trip to the Method offices a few months back and literally could not stop talking about it. Since then, NEAT has been….we will call it… “dating” Method. Basically, what we mean is, we have been trying to show them how cool we are.

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After a few love notes from NEAT, Method reached out to us and said that they would love to **sponsor** us by giving us products to test out (become obsessed with) and share with our clients. After we finished cheering like we just won an olympic sport and smelling the amazing scents of the products, we got to work! First order of business was to find a cute tote to put all of our new products in…. Check!

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Although we tell our clients that we are NOT a cleaning service, we are known to wipe down a shelf from time to time as we create the NEAT life in a client’s home. After using the products in client’s homes, we figured we would give you some insider scoop. Heather became the expert on the Method “Wood for Good”, “Daily Granite” and the “All-Purpose. Here are her ratings (We rated each 1-10, 1 being meh… 10 being the

Wood for Good – Name:: 10 (Wood is Good) Smell Factor:: 6 (it smells like baby powder) Quality Control:: 10

Daily Granite – Name:: 6 (We would have named it “Rock Star” What can we say? We always love a good pun) Smell Factor:: 10 for sure! Quality Control:: 10 (Even though I’m not lucky enough to have granite to test it on, but I’m sure its a 10)

All Purpose – Name:: 5 (All-Purpose is such an industry standard name. BUT I can’t come up with anything better) Smell Factor:: 9.5 Quality Control:: 10

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Molly tackled the, “Glass + Surface” “Antibac” and “Antibac Wipes” and here are her thoughts:

Glass + Surface – Name:: 9 (Love the use of the + sign) Smell Factor:: 10+(It’s MINT – Super fresh!) Quality Control:: 10 (I typically am a windex only girl but this stuff seriously is streak free)

Antibac – Name:: 9 (to the point) Smell Factor:: 10 Quality Control:: 10

Antibac Wipes – Name:: 7 (why not “germ buster”?) Smell Factor:: 3 (we hear they are working on it) Quality Control:: 8

Cleaning, Kitchen, Method, Method products

Overall, it has been so awesome to give all the products a try – we are obviously in love (as if we weren’t already!)

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any Method questions – we are “groupies” now!

Hugs + Kisses

the NEAT girls