National Moving Month

Have you heard?? May is National Moving Month, which means it's that time of year when millions of Americans start to panic! "What mover should I use?" "How am I ever going to get us packed?" "Unpacking takes forever, who can I find to help?"…sound familiar?

This year we decided that we didn't want to stop at just providing unpacking services… we also wanted to be able to provide people with the most organized way to find the best mover, storage units, box delivery services, etc… basically anything and everything in regards to a move!

We did our research and happy to report back with the best of the best! Please meet Moveboxer. A company that surpassed the rest and is truly an innovator in the moving industry! Click on the link below to learn more about this amazing company that we are now proud to call our Partner!!

Besides calling your NEAT Method experts to help make your move seamless, we of course want to encourage you to stay organized during the moving process. Here are a few of our best tips to get you to moving day with ease.

Tip #1 :Purge! With a move comes a fresh start in a new space, so donate your unwanted or unused items before any packing begins.

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Tip #2 :: Create a binder that is dedicated to all moving related documents and checklists. That way, you can stay on top of everything!

Moving Checklists, Moving Binder, Organized Move, Moving, Move tips, binders

Tip #3 :: Buy plenty of tape and bubble wrap – more than you think you will even need! Better to be safe, than sorry!

Tip #4 :: Give yourself plenty of time, and pack one room at a time. Any storage areas, such as the basement, are great places to start the process.

Tip #5 :: Use color-coded labels to mark your boxes! Make sure each side and the top of the box gets a label – so that no matter which direction it faces, your movers will be able to tell what room it goes to in your new place.

Moving Labels, Organized Moving, Labels, moving tips, ways to stay organized for a move

Tip #6 :: Make an awesome moving playlist to dance to in between boxes! We love using Spotify, but any music will – without a doubt – make your moving experience much better. Who doesn't love a good dance party?

playlist, music, moving playlist, apple, nano, dancing

And finally remember to have fun! While moving can be stressful, there are a lot of great things about it – it is a chance to refresh, renew and of course get organized!

Happy moving!!

the NEAT girls

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