NEAT Eats for 2015!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Is it just us or does 2015 seem like a good year to check a few things off our Bucket Lists??? Well, besides the typical…travel the world, climb Mt. Everest, learn to paint like Picasso, etc. we figured we'd start small and try to get to that ONE restaurant in each of our cities that we've all been dying to try! Or if we've tried it (in some cases), make plans to return because it was just that good. 

See below for our "Must-Go-To's" for 2015. In an effort to support the food scene in each of our cities, we'd LOVE to hear your's as well! 


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From left to right –

1. Lisa choice in San Francisco :: Bar Crudo

2. Lauren's choice in Michigan :: Selden Standard

3. Mika's choice in Scottsdale :: Virtu – Honest Craft

4. Lauren's choice in the Twin Cities :: The Bachelor Farmer

cucina enoteca, fork and balls, girl and the goat, the guild house, san diego restaurants, columbus restaurants, chicago restaurants, ft. lauderdale restaurant

5. Katie B's choice in San Diego :: Cucina Enoteca
6. Marissa's choice in Ft. Lauderdale :: Fork & Balls (ummm…this obviously wins for BEST name)
7. Julia's choice in Columbus :: The Guild House
8. Brooke's choice in Chicago :: Girl & the Goat
Are any of these on your list as well??? If so, let us know when you are going and we just may show up with you! Happy Eating in 2015. 
the NEAT girls