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Friday, February 27, 2015

Inspired by our favorite page in US Weekly, we have decided to open the doors of our homes in a more unique way. Today, we will be showing you the most shameful, embarassingly messy drawers, bins, baskets and spaces of the NEAT girl’s homes. Let’s cut to the core of the NEAT team and take a look at the founder’s spaces. First up is Ashley. I guess we will give her props for having drawer organizers… but this isn’t something we would expect for a NEAT original.

Ashley Murphy, Chicago, makeup, bathroom, messy drawers, organize makeup, professional organizer

Molly may win the prize for the messiest! WHAT. IS. THIS. DRAWER?! She claims that it keeps stationary and mailing supplies… we are baffled.

Molly Graves, San Francisco, NEAT Method, professional organizer, junk drawer, organization

Molly’s partner in crime in San Francisco, doesn’t have much room to talk. Her tupperware needs a serious space lift. Do all the tops even have matching bottoms?? You know the rule, Lisa!

Lisa Ruff, tupperware, San Francisco, professional organizer, kitchen, unorganized kitchen

Messy Mika in Scottsdale has confessed that she has a problem starting books and not finishing them. This is where those books come to die live. She puts them in a basket – interesting choice Mika!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, books, book organization, book basket, professional organizer

In Columbus, Julia would like to point the messy finger at her husband. This is his office drawer. Time for a little NEAT love Miss Julia!

Julia Purdy, Columbus, organizer, professional organizer, desk, office, home office, ohio, home organization, office organization

Katie is tired of her pajama drawer (see what we did there??) Has she read any of our posts about filing our clothes? We think not!

Katie Koentje, San Diego, pajamas, drawers, organized drawer, home organization,

Marissa just moved to a new home in Florida. She is embarassed to admit it has been weeks and some of the boxes only made it have way to the trash and ended up in the garage – and that their is a creepy santa in there too. Nothing like a swim suit wearing santa to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Marissa Hagmeyer, garage, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, home organization, professional organization, home organizers,

Finally, we think this scene will look quite familair to many of our readers. We bring you the, OVER STUFFED FILE DRAWER brought to you by Brooke! She thinks exposing this photo will give her the motivation she needs to file these papers away properly. **Pro Tip ** Turn on your favorite trash tv show and the filing will be less daunting.

Brooke Ruder, filing, home filing, filing drawers, home organization, professional organizers, Chicago,

Every consult we go to, our clients are embarassed to share their spaces. Clearly, we have some things to be embarassed about ourselves! Even though we love the NEAT life, we, too can sometimes have a hard time living it! We hope this helps you see that even a NEAT girl has a, “junk drawer.”


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