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Thursday, August 6, 2020

It's always been a dream of ours to create a product line, and that dream is finally being realized through the launch of our Kitchen and Pantry CollectionInspired by the many years we've spent in client's homes, our line includes details we found missing from the market. So much time and thought went into designing each and every piece and we're thrilled with how it all came together. 

After months of research, numerous samples, and endless testing, we formed a cohesive collection based around the kitchen and pantry. Way back in December 2019, we celebrated the final stages with the NEAT corporate team at the Whitmor warehouse in Memphis. It was so exciting to debut our early products and show off the new NEAT Method shipping facilities. 

In February 2020, we revealed the collection to our 70+ franchisees at our annual NEAT Summit in Fort Lauderdale. Nothing gets a group of organizers more excited than new organizing products and we may have celebrated again... ;) With our launch date on the horizon, we started counting down the weeks. 

Four months later, NEAT co-founder and CEO, Ashley Murphy, and product director,  Lauren Combs, met up in Detroit for a photoshoot to capture all the details of our new collection up close. Shoutout to Lauren Tolles for providing her gorgeous home and cabinetry as a canvas to let our products shine. 

August 6th is finally here, but we feel like we're just getting started! The Kitchen and Pantry Collection is the first of many in the NEAT Method product line. It seemed fitting to start off in a space that is central to so many homes, but we have no plans to stop there. Keep any eye out for what's next and in the meantime, shop our Kitchen and Pantry Collection!


the NEAT Team

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