NEAT Method’s Newest MAN!

Yes, its true! NEAT Method has finally decided to bring a man on board to join the NEAT life!! His name alone will most likely make you swoon!

It is a pleasure for us to introduce you to the newest love of our lives, BENNETT RIEGEL MURPHY. He was born into this world on October 19th at 7:19AM, which makes him 42 days old today! He weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 20.5inches long.

Talk about a HEARTBREAKER!

Baby Photo, Newborn

We thought it would be fun to interview the new Mommy and get all the inside scoop on Baby Bennett and the new life of motherhood.

NM :: Ashley, Bennett’s name is so manly! How did you decide on such a dapper name??

AM :: When we lived in SF we had two little twin boys that lived below us and I just fell in love with them. One was named Will and one Ben! I loved them both equally, but really liked the name Ben. It was actually my friend Jill that came up with the name Bennett (as I didn't like the formal sound of Benjamin)! So Bennett it is! Mike actually was the one that wanted to use Riegel. I wasn't complaining, since it's my maiden name!


New Parents, Baby

NM :: Where have you gotten your best baby/motherhood tips from?

AM :: I'm going to have to give this to my friend Lauren Buell! She has literally been my go-to person when it comes to any baby/motherhood questions. And…I also got her entire wardrobe of maternity clothes! Thanks Lo!

Mom and Baby, Baby in stroller, Fall day

NM :: How has Mike been doing as a new Dad?

AM :: I think he's actually better at parenting than I am. He wishes he could be a stay-at-home dad!

NM :: What sports does Mike hope Bennett plays? Any sports you won't let Bennett play when hes older?

AM :: HA! This is a touchy subject because I refuse to let him play football. I'm leaning more towards golf and lacrosse, and Mike likes the "All American" sports…aka football.

BM :: Please Mom, can I play football??

Infant, baby,

NM :: How did you register for baby gifts? What made you choose certain stores? 

AM :: Since I am clearly Type A, I wanted to be able to register for items from multiple locations…so I used It was a little challenging for the older generation, but needless to say, I still loved it!

Ohio State, Newborn, baby

NM :: Shoot us straight, what has been the hardest part? 

AM :: Maybe the lack of sleep and trying to figure out the work/life balance. It has only been 6 weeks though!!! We're slowly adjusting 🙂

NM :: And what has been easier than you thought would be? 

AM :: I'm not a real baby person and was worried I wouldn't know what to do with a little one. However, I've been loving every moment (well, except for the random freakouts he has). Truly, can't get enough of him!!

Pumpkin, Baby, crying baby,

NM :: Now we know a "Super Mommy" blog post is coming up soon, with tons of great tips to get organized and be organized as a new mother…BUT, can you at least spill your favorite baby store(s)?

AM :: Yep, I could go on and on with that one – stay tuned for that post! 🙂 But in regards to my favorite baby store, I'm going to go with Buy Buy Baby. They really do have every essential you would need. I do have a dream store though….Bonpoint on Oak! Bennett could be pronounced with a French accent, don't you think??

BM :: Really Mom??

Newborn, baby

NM :: Lastly, are you ok with Bennett having 4 girlfriends??

AM :: Thats totally fine! Assuming he'll be a stud, considering how cool I was growing up 😉

small baby

He sure is a cute lil' thing!! Stay tuned for lots of new blog posts on Ashley's tips and tricks for staying an organized mother (we don't know how she does it all)!

Many congrats to The Murphy Family!


Bennett's NEAT girlfriends

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