NEAT Retreat : Brighton Miller

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Over the next few months, we’re thrilled to introduce you to several collaborators that will take part in our first ever wellness event the NEAT Retreat– a wellness event in San Francisco. With our expert guest speakers, NEAT will show you how being organized can be the catalyst for endless positive change in many aspects of your life. When you live organized, there is much more space for living well in other areas of your life and we are going to show you exactly how to make simple changes that have huge impact.

We are honored to now introduce you to our friend Brighton Miller who will be sharing her expertise as a health and wellness advocate during the retreat.

Please introduce yourself to the NEAT community.

Brighton Miller, Owner of two locations of Nourish Café in San Francisco. We opened just over 3 years ago in the Inner Richmond District of SF, and our second location just over a year ago. I opened Nourish with a belief that food should actually NOURISH you. Every ingredient should have a benefit to your body. I created the GF Chocolate Chip cookie with this idea, each ingredient having nutritional value.

What space of your home is the most organized? Why?

Bedroom. I truly believe “messy bed, messy head”. Less clutter leaves more space in your mind for creative thought. I love waking up in a clean space, with everything in its place. It allows me to live and be in the present.

What does organization mean to you in your profession?

Kitchen organization is key to an efficient, well run kitchen and happy staff. If staff are spending time looking for something (ingredients, pans, etc) it wastes precious time and energy, which are a highly valued commodity in a kitchen. When there is chaos in the kitchen there is chaos in the food!

What’s one space you are excited about learning about how to organize at the NEAT Retreat and why?

The office! I tend to dump things on my desk and then weeks later find recipes, invoices. I pretend it’s organized chaos, but really it’s just a mess as my business partner will tell you. I don’t like spending time sitting at my desk, I work better when I am moving, but I need to learn to sit and focus and having an organized office would most likely help with this.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about a current project you’re working on.

I am working to organize event to highlight and celebrate of women in the food community. When I started Nourish I was surprised how male dominated the restaurant industry was. Women traditionally are nourishers and care givers. My journey with Nourish has introduced me to so many women doing such amazing things in the food world. We try to support, when possible women vendors that are making healthy and unique products!